Rainy Days and Mondays


rainy day boats

“Rainy days and Mondays, always get me down…”

As stated by the Carpenters, and more recently by Emmy Rossum, rainy days can have a negative impact on your attitude.

But I have to admit, more often than not, I like a good rainy day.
During the winter, a nice rainy day to me signifies that spring is coming. And given the winter this year here in Chi-beria (AKA Chicago), that first little hint of a thaw is enough to get me through…at least through today. A nice gentle rain in the spring gets us even closer to green grass and early, spring flowers. There is nothing as peaceful and at the same time exciting to me as a good, old-fashioned summer storm, complete with a lightening show and house-rattling thunder. And rain in the fall reminds me that we’re coming full circle back to winter and the holidays.

But beyond the changing seasons, a rainy day often gives me the chance to think. My creative juices seem to fill me up like the puddles outside. I’m more focused on a rainy day, since there isn’t anything outside to tempt me. And when you have the opportunity to curl up and watch movies with the one(s) you love on a rainy day, under a cozy blanket with popcorn close at hand? Well, that just makes for a great moment to be truly enjoyed…and a fond memory.

With all due respect to both the Carpenters and Emmy Rossum, I agree on the “Mondays” thing, but I kind of like a rainy day.

What about you?