Mean People Suck – Part Deux


Mean People-Part 21

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again…Mean People suck.

Mean people come in many shapes and sizes. You run into them all the time…in stores, on the road, everywhere. In many of those situations, you can get angry, but then move on…these are people who you don’t have to deal with them after the moment.

But often times, there are mean people in various areas of your life that you simply can’t necessarily walk away from. Sometimes it’s a family member…you know the ones who ruin every holiday gathering with their meanness.

Sometimes it’s at your job. Unfortunately, I don’t know many people that can walk away from a decent income these days, and with the job market the way it is, it’s much harder to justify leaving an otherwise perfectly good job because of one or two irritants.

But when you stop and think about it: You spend a large percentage of your life at your job. And everyone else you work with spends about the same amount of time at the office. You send more time with your co-workers than you probably do with your family. So why would anyone want to make the experience any more stressful than it needs to be?

I recently started a new job, and I have to say, overall, it’s a decent gig. It’s a good company to work for and the vast majority of the people I have met are absolutely delightful. But there are one or two people that are clearly unhappy with the “new world order.” I don’t know if they feel threatened or just don’t like change or are just normally unhappy people, but I’m tired of dealing with their icy demeanor and snarky comments.

Most of the time, I just let it go. I’m pretty confident in my knowledge, abilities and experience, which matches up pretty well with any of them, so I can let the snarkiness roll off my back. But after a while, I just get tired of the pettiness.

This too shall pass. I didn’t take this job to make lifelong friends, and most people have been incredibly welcoming. So I will continue to let it go…but again I say, mean people suck. And I say to the mean people, Karma will out.


Mean People Suck


mean people 1

I’m really tired of the Mean People.

I recently volunteered for a local community event.  Overall, this was a wonderful experience and I loved every minute of it.  Except for the Mean People.  But I was absolutely amazed but the lack of common courtesy that a small fraction of the participants showed…for not only for the other folks there but for the volunteers.  And then the smaller fraction that was actively rude to anyone in their path.

Sadly, this is not uncommon.  I’ve seen people at the grocery store who have actually raced to beat me to the open checkout line.  I’ve worked with people who can only be right by proving you wrong…publicly.  As a teenager, working at McDonald’s, I had a customer chew me out because he had to wait 30 seconds longer for his special order Big Mac.  I’ve seen trainees reduced to tears because of a mean person just couldn’t wait patiently when the clerk encountered something new.

I’m especially cognizant of new employees, because let’s face it, we all had to start somewhere.  It never fails, in almost every restaurant or store I go to, if someone is in training, I will be helped by that person.  I’ve had some of them get all flustered by a simple question and I just tell them, “Relax.”  But it’s almost as if the gods have decreed that my patience needs to be rewarded with every trainee within a 20-mile radius.  And that’s cool, because I have been in the “new girl” shoes and I always appreciated someone who understood.

I do wonder about the Mean People.  I try to make allowances because some folks seem like Mean People but really aren’t…I just happen to catch them on an off day.  But for those dedicated to that lifestyle, what makes them mean?  Did they have unhappy childhoods?  Because I know people who have truly had unhappy – even awful – childhoods who are definitely not Mean People.  Is it that they feel they aren’t getting their share of the world?  If that’s the case, then go work for it, just like the rest of us have to.  Is it just in their DNA?  Well, just like stupid, I’m not sure you can fix mean.

I’m not sure what the answer is here.  But to the Mean People, I say just stop.  There are already too many bad things in the world to make a simple trip to McDonald’s unpleasant for you or that poor teenager behind the counter.  And for those who refuse to stop, I stand by my statement:  “Mean People Suck.”