No Longer a Numbers Game


Numbers game image

I am cutting numbers from my life.

Ok. Let’s face it, you can’t ignore numbers. You need to deal with them in some places. You need to know that the Ann Taylor sweater that will be perfect on you is 40% off in two days, meaning that your $25 gift card will get you one then.

But numbers and math have never been my thing. Some people, like my husband, get numbers and can do the math in their heads. I’m not that person. I went into communications so I would not have to deal with numbers. I like to say that I got married so I would no longer have to balance my own checkbook.

That said, I should amend my statement to say I’m cutting numbers that I choose not to care about from my life.
Maybe I’m just reaching that point in my life where the majority of numbers just don’t matter. I’m no longer going to obsess about my age. I’m going to focus on how I feel. Some days I feel 20 years old, and I will act accordingly. On the days I feel 104 years old, I also will go ahead and act like it.

Weight is another number I choose to ignore. As long as my clothes fits and I feel good about myself, I really don’t care what the scale – which I swear is not calibrated right anyway – says.

Money is another area. Now that’s not to say I won’t pay attention, but I won’t obsess over it. As long as we can pay our bills and live comfortably, with some kind of plan for the future, that’s fine by me. I don’t need a load of stuff or cash that impresses others…because I’ve come to realize those are people I don’t really care about impressing.

I’m going to focus on the numbers that are important. The number of years we’ve been happily married, the number of times that my kids call home just because they want to chat, how many times a day we laugh together at stupid things only we understand. These are the things that are fast becoming more important to me … the love and relationships in my life. And those are the things that I will continue to count … and count on.

Because life is too short to worry about the things that don’t matter in the end. For me, it’s no longer a numbers game.