Road Trip


Road Trip 1

Over the weekend, the family took a quick road trip, to meet up with some family and see my nephew’s stand-up comedy act.

It was great, but it also served to remind me 1) why we don’t take road trips and 2) why I wish we’d taken MORE road trips.

We were not even out of the neighborhood when the bickering began. “He’s on my side.” “She’s being too loud.” “Are we stopping for breakfast?” And these were the issues that I could understand. The list goes on into the completely unintelligible.

Now let me remind you, it’s not like I have young children. These are “adults,” as they both frequently remind me, being 20 and 17 years old. You would think that at that age, I wouldn’t have to even think about entertaining them on a road trip. But thank goodness for the Alphabet Game. As soon as I could find an “A,” I started the game, thinking that would keep them busy for a bit. I did not count on my husband’s competitive nature. Which would have been fine if I had been driving.

Now because all three cannot stand to lose – especially to each other – this game became a challenge of epic proportions…and chewed up about 50 minutes of a two-and-a-half-hour drive…all to the good.

But what struck me was how much fun and laughter we enjoyed in that 50 minutes. As the kids are growing up and establishing their own lives that don’t revolve around us, these moments of “family time” are fewer and farther between. As it should be. We raised the kids to be their own people and have productive, happy lives that they have built, so I’m really happy to see them doing just that. But there are those brief moments that remind me that time is fleeting and life is changing.

As fall starts to approach, life is returning to a more normal pace. While the kids are heading back to school and to the next steps in their lives, the husband and I are looking forward to the future as a couple rather than just “Mom and Dad.” And I will tuck our last road trip of the 2014 summer in the mind cubbyhole marked “Sweet Moments.”



4 thoughts on “Road Trip

  1. Miriam

    This was sweet 🙂 And I know all about treasuring those moments you have with kids as they embark on their own adult lives. Our youngest is only 9 though, so we have a lot longer before we can look forward to kid-free years.

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