What You Need


What you need
“What I want is what I’ve not got, and what I need is all around me.” – from “Jimi Thing” by Dave Matthews Band

I am a Dave Matthews Band fan. I’m not the kind of fan that goes to every concert and follows the band on tour, but I do love their music. I admire the hell out of the music, which I find to be deeper and more artistically developed than some of the other artists I like. But I think it’s the lyrics that really get to me.

DMB has gotten me through a number of tough times in my life. And “Jimi Thing,” definitely in my top five favorites, covers a multitude of emotions for me. I use it to start vacations, find peace in stressful times and relax when I have the time. But it also serves to remind me to be happy with what I have.

Too many people today worry about the things they don’t have. “Keeping up with the Joneses” is still a popular activities in every town and city in the world. Society has conditioned us to “need” the next generation iPhone, when our contract hasn’t run out on the one we have. As soon as the newest technology comes out – be it in media or kitchen appliances – we have to have the latest.

We also too often want what others have on a personal level. “If only my boyfriend did things like that.” “If only my girlfriend was that hot.” “If only I could wear that dress.” “I wish we could afford that house.”

Jimi Thing” reminds me that, while maybe I don’t have all the things that I want in life…the perfect job, the perfect figure, the perfect house with all the perfect accessories…when I take the time to look around me, I absolutely have everything I need.



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