Aging Gracefully?


Aging 2

Last night, my daughter kissed me on the top of the head and told me to go to bed…at 10 pm.

When I asked her why, she lovingly replied, “Because you are old and need your sleep.”

Wow. Thanks, Baby. Really appreciate that…on so many levels.

Now I know that I am aging. Hell, everyone is aging, even her although she may not realize it yet. And if you are not, the alternate ending has kicked in, which probably isn’t a good thing.

I am trying to age gracefully. In my youth, I didn’t exercise because it might make me spill my coffee. I now try to include a variety of exercises (both cardio and strength building) into my daily (or weekly) schedule. I’ve taken up yoga and meditation, to keep my chakras open…or something. But I do find yoga gives me a weird sense of serenity that helps me feel younger.

I have taken a hard look at my diet and realized that, at my age, I can no longer consider Cheetos and a Coke a “good lunch.” I have taken a giant step to not only acknowledge “fruits and vegetables” as a viable food group, but also to include them in my daily food allowance. Fiber content is suddenly a number I pay close attention to. I have cut out pop (or soda, depending on where you live), replacing it with water. And coffee. And I still worry that my coffee will spill.

I take every opportunity to laugh, because it’s true that it is the best medicine. And I feel pretty good.

And then my 20-year-old kisses me on the head at 10 pm, and tells me to go to bed while she is heading out to start her evening.

And suddenly, I’m 90.

I must be doing something right though. I recently mentioned to a couple new friends that I had a 17-year-old son and both expressed shock…absolute shock! They both knew I had kids but thought they were little…like 10 years old or so. Of course, these two ladies are now my new best friends…and both are 15-20 years older than me.

So I think I’ve found the secret to aging gracefully. Ready? Perspective.

I will still watch my diet and exercise. But I’m adding to my regime. Hang out with people older than me and ignore those chippy 20-year-old brats.



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