Remember the Time…?


family 3

I just finished a weekend with my family and boy, am I tired!

My mom and oldest sister live in the area and I see them fairly regularly. But my middle sister (yes, I’m the baby!) and her sons live out of town, so we see them about twice a year. I always look forward to the weekend they visit because we have a great time…the laughter, the reminiscing, it is wonderful!

We have a pretty set schedule when they come. They usually arrive Friday afternoon and we do dinner at my house. Then Friday evening, it’s Trivial Pursuit – girls against the boys. I believe the girls are up… Saturdays are generally pretty lazy, but after dinner, we play cards. Along with more laughter and kidding, and sometimes, cutthroat competition. Then there is more chatting and visiting until they head out late afternoon Sunday.

Everyone seems to enjoy the time together, especially since we haven’t been able to do it more than twice a year. But it is a great deal more activity than I think most of us are used to. My 90-year-old mother she laughs so hard when they are here, I know by Sunday evening, she is totally wiped out. And I know that she clears her “schedule” for the following week so she can re-charge after they visit. While I worry about her, I know that she wouldn’t trade those weekends for anything, because she loves nothing more than to have the whole family together.

Part of what I love about weekends with my family is the stories. “Remember when…?” “What about that time you…?” “Remember how you used to…?” And I love that now my kids are hearing these stories, getting a small glimpse into the child that I was, even if they do think I was born a grown-up.

Webster’s Dictionary defines family as “a group of people who are related to each other.” I know people who don’t get along with their family members…and some that don’t associate with them at all, and I struggle to understand it. To me, family – love them or not – are the people who know you…who have your history…and who, for better or worse, have been in the same “foxhole” with you.



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