Entertainment Snobs


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My circle of friends is very eclectic.

I have good friends who are reading (and in some cases, RE-reading) their way through “classic literature” and watch BBC and PBS programs like Downton Abbey. I also have good friends who watch America’s Next Top Model and only read People magazine. I think I fall somewhere in the middle.

I’m currently hooked on DaVinci’s Demons, an import from the BBC that Fox and Starz have partnered to bring to the U.S. Greg Chillin plays Zoroaster, DaVinci’s hoodlum friend, with joyous abandon…not to mention he’s gorgeous. But that is not to say I’m not still loyal to Supernatural, a story of two (gorgeous) brothers hunting spirits, monsters and other assorted demonic types. (I’m sensing a pattern here…demons and gorgeous…hmmm…) But I have been known to indulge in a marathon or two of ANTM.

I am currently reading “The Girls of Atomic City,” a history of the women who worked at the Oak Ridge, Tennessee, Nuclear Research Facility during WWII. I recently finished “Why Business People Speak Like Idiots: A Bullfighter’s Guide,” a book that seeks to convince the business world to stop the “corporate speak” and use plain English…mainly common sense but a great book nonetheless. But, as my family will quickly point out, I am partial to historical romance novels, with titles like “The Scandalous Duchess,” or some such drivel.

My point is that your choice of entertainment is entirely yours. I often hear people (these folks are not generally part of my circle of friends) criticizing others for the books they read or the shows they watch. I call this “entertainment snobbery.” There is nothing wrong with watching WWE Monday Night Raw, if you find that entertaining. And there is nothing wrong with reading the “50 Shades” trilogy, if it removes you momentarily from your everyday life (and by the way, essentially the trilogy is a love story, with a little spice…not porn for women).

So to you “Entertainment Snobs,” I say, “Back off.” And to the rest of you, I say, “Enjoy what makes you happy and gives you some escape.” Now I have to go because Ghostfacers (Supernatural: Season 3, Episode 13) is on, and I need the laughs.



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