Feel The Moment


Feel this Moment 2

Life is hectic. And in all the frenzy, sometimes it’s too easy to miss the moments that matter.

I’m not talking about the major moments…weddings, births, graduations, even first kisses. Those moment we are almost taught from birth to be on the lookout for.

I’m talking about the simple moments that can become a cherished memory. I remember a Sunday morning years ago…it was one of those perfect June days, sunny and warm but with just enough breeze to be comfortable. With the windows open, we caught the scent of freshly mown grass and lilacs from the neighborhood. My husband and I could hear birds singing while we read the Sunday paper, eating fresh bagels and cream cheese. My daughter, who was about 18 months, was happily playing on the floor, babbling away to us about her stuff animals. Nothing special happened next…it was just that somehow I felt that moment and have carried it with me ever since.

Another time was the day after Christmas. Getting buried under a snowstorm (one day earlier and we could have had a white Christmas!), our two teenagers had no plans (yes, we were shocked too) and decided to hang out with the folks (oh, the horror for our poor children). We decided to watch all the movies we’d received as gifts, so we made popcorn, lit a fire, all grabbed our designated blankies and curled up on the couch. And we stayed there all day and watched movies. A little talking and joking here and there but mainly just enjoyed being together. I’d be willing to bet that neither the kids nor my husband remember that day like I do because I simply again felt the moment. And when I’m down, I pull it out and relive it…and how wonderful it felt.

I don’t know if others agree, but I am trying to be a bit more conscious and present in all parts of my life, so when it happens, I’m open and ready to feel the moment.



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