Living in an E-World


esurance commercial

In my house, I am the technologically challenged one.

I know precious little about Twitter, my kids were so proud when I hit 15 “friends” on Facebook, and as far as I’m concerned, Instagram is a new product from Western Union. Heck, let’s be honest, I can barely turn on the television, given the “Remote of the Future” that reminds me of something I once saw on a Star Trek episode.

Which is why the “Beatrice” commercial for Esurance is SO funny in my house. If you haven’t seen it, basically an older woman has “posted” (i.e., taped) her vacation photos to her “wall” (i.e., her living room wall) to share with her “friends.” I thought my daughter would fall off the chair she was laughing so hard!

“OMG Mom! That’s YOU!”

Yeah…thanks honey…REALLY appreciate that.

But it’s true. Technology does scare me a little. And frankly, when you need a doctorate in engineering just to switch from cable to the DVD player, I just don’t have the patience to try to learn it.

There are some drawbacks, in addition to the ongoing mocking I take from my children and husband. If I’m home alone and the TV settings are wrong, I can easily be stuck listening to my iPod (which my daughter has loaded for me…that’s a completely different topic). If I really want to watch a movie, I have gone to the basement because that DVD player is magically set to start automatically when you pop in the disc. I’ve actually skipped working out, simply because the Wii console is not where it should be and / or not plugged in to one of the 20 open spots in the back of the television.

But I think the good outweighs the bad, since when we do watch things as a family, I am completely absolved of any “set-up” responsibilities. I just need to bring the popcorn. And when they ask me to change the disc or get things back to normal cable, I can whip out the “I don’t know how” excuse. And they have to buy it, since they have mocked me mercilessly.

All in all, I think I can deal with living in the E-World…as long as I have E-Servants.



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