Dance like No One is Watching


dance color

So I realized when I hit 40, I needed to move.

All my life, I have been anti-exercise. It’s not that I’m against it, per se, but I could never find a workout that actually worked for me.

I had tried a number of regimes. Aerobics in my 20’s (leg warmers are a good look on NO one). Tae Bo in my 30’s (Billy Blanks was very inspirational, until I started to sweat). After I tried something – and didn’t like it – I was still young enough to convince myself that working a full-time job, chasing little ones and keeping house, not to mention a working metabolism, were more than enough to keep me in relatively good shape.

Then the scale hit a number much too large to share outside the privacy of my boudoir. And I realized that I that I had unknowingly waved good-bye to my 30’s and my metabolism, and gravity decided to betray our long-standing friendship.

So now I had no choice…I had to do something. I started slow…here again I really had no choice…trying various routines to find the one that I could commit to. And then I realized that dancing burns a lot of calories. And I like to dance. I found a cheesy exercise DVD of dance routines and started there. I then moved on to Zumba, which didn’t feel like exercise because it was just fun. Finally, Just Dance, or its exercise cousin Just Sweat, is really a great work out. And don’t let the “video game” moniker fool you…you will sweat if you really throw yourself into it.

And it’s working. I feel better, I have more energy and my attitude is much more positive. As a bonus, my clothes started to fit better and that awful number on the scale started to drop.

I raided our family iTunes account for songs that keep me moving. The kids may not like it when they happen to walk in on my “workout,” but I’m gonna keep dancing like no one’s watchin’.


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